Assembling Electronic Clap Switch DIY Kit SHORTENED VIDEO

Assembling Electronic Clap Switch DIY Kit SHORTENED VIDEO. Another addition to my series of cheap eBay electronic projects. This one is a Clap Switch or Sound Activated switch. There will be 3 videos. The FULL LENGTH LONG video will be on my other channel “GrandadsOtherChannel” as I have decided to start putting the longer videos there out of the way but still available for reference. The SHORTENED video will be on my main channel along with a supplementary video showing how to attach a relay to operate something useful.

Assembling Electronic Clap Switch DIY Kit – FULL LENGTH VIDEO
Assembling Electronic Clap Switch DIY Kit – Adding a relay

I am not endorsing these products so I suggest you do your own search as the prices and specifications will vary and the links I used will probably be out of date when you come to read this. I list the item title and you can cut and paste it into your eBay search. It will probably work on other online stores too.
Mini Portable USB 5V 8W Electric Powered Soldering Iron Pen/Tip Touch Switch
Durable Electrical Wire Cable Cutter Cutting Plier Side Snips Flush Pliers Tool
Clap Control Switch Suite DIY Kit Electronic Production For Arduino Raspberry pi

Filmed using Canon Powershot SX60 HS
Edited using Serif MoviePlus X6

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