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CBRE got in touch with Tech TV wanting to produce a series of training videos to be shared internally across the business. The videos would consist of interviews with multiple different sector leaders discussing key points about their respective sectors. We would also film some B-Roll to accompany the interviews and help tell the story.

The overall project would require us to film in a multitude of different places. This involved filming all over the UK, including; London, Oxford and Edinburgh. We also flew out to Spain and Luxembourg to capture more interviews there.


During pre-production, we worked closely with the client to come up with a treatment for the video. As each video was intended to be approximately 6 minutes long, we opted for a two-camera interview to help us cut between angles.

We also took all of the logistical planning off of the clients hands, booking all flights, accommodation and travel.


Across all of the videos we conducted stylish two-camera interviews and utilised a gimbal system to help us capture some slick and stylish B-Roll to help paint the video up.

During pre-production, it became apparent that a number of the interviewees would not be able to make it to a number of the proposed shoot locations. So, as they were all based at the same location, we decided to shoot those interviewees against a green screen. We combined that with some empty interview set ups we filmed on other locations, ensuring they would still be able to appear in the videos.


Once we loaded all of the footage into our edit suites, our team of editors began the process of bringing the videos to life.

Firstly, we sent the client transcripts from the interviews so they could select the most appropriate content for the videos. Once we had the narrative of each video down on the line, we added the B-Roll and also some stylish text slates to help drive home the key points and messages.


Are you planning a large scale video project and need a professional, reliable video production company to help bring it all together? Look no further.

Tech TV have got tons of experience when it comes to planning large-scale, logistically complex projects. We’ve got a proven track-record of bringing all of this together to make a super high quality product, all with a smile and without breaking a sweat.

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